The Role of Swords Jobs Club:

The Jobs Club provides a service to assist jobseekers to enter / re-enter employment through the provision of individualised supports. The Jobs Club provides comprehensive training through workshops which enables jobseekers to take positive steps towards realising their career plans and to explore and follow-up employment opportunities. The Jobs Club service provides active, practical and participative supports under the guidance and supervision of a Jobs Club leader.

Purpose of Jobs Club:

The Jobs Club aims to network with local employers and recruitment agencies, developing long lasting relationships while increasing its list of potential employers and recruiters. It will also keep up to date with current job market trends and specific growth areas in the recruitment/employer industry locally and nationally.

It is intended that the Jobs Club formal workshops will be flexible and responsive to the special requirements and aptitudes of jobseekers and/or sectorial requirements.

Topics Covered on the Workshop Include:

    • Profiling of individual clients skills;
    • The value of transferable skills;
    • Industry standard CV design and build;
    • Professional cover letter writing;
    • Digital marketing as a tool for recruitment;
    • Matching client’s skills with employment opportunities;
    • Facilitation of workshops on enhancing personal confidence and self-esteem;
    • Drawing up Individual employment plans, setting strategic goals;
    • The interview process; what are employers looking for today? and how  to present the best version of yourself throughout the interview;
    • 1-1 professional coaching & mentoring;
    • Overview of the recruitment and selection process;
    • Group participation and motivation;
    • Posting online applications;
    • Sourcing local job opportunities and addressing specific trends;
    • Provision of ad-hoc targeted workshops on behalf of the Department of Social Protection;
    • Presentation delivery at Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection Group Engagement Sessions;

Formal Workshops:

Formal workshops can vary from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the needs of the jobseekers and the specific requirements of the Department of Social Protection. Attendance at formal workshops and courses is administered by the Employment Services Office via referral to the Jobs Club. An allowance of €20 per week is provided to attendees in order to help in managing any additional costs incurred in attending the formal workshops only.

A calendar of planned workshops is available in the Employment Service offices.

Drop-in Service:

Drop-in Service allows jobseekers to avail of the facilities of the Job Club at their own convenience.

Our Team

The Job Club team bring all their experience to date in both the public and private sector to assist people who are unemployed to take positive steps towards sourcing training and employment opportunities to enable them to participate in society, encouraging and supporting people to fully participate in social, civic and economic life.

Employers & Recruiters:

Are you an employer or recruiter and looking to source talent for full or part time staff?
Swords Jobs Club can offer you cost-effective access to a skilled workforce with:

  • Highly experienced, trained and educated personnel
  • Multi-skilled workforce from all industries and sectors
  • Matching expertise with employment opportunities

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