The funding was sought to assist in the establishment of a group for retired and active men in the Donabate Portrane area. They proposed to undertake a  programme of training which would lead to the establishment of a committee and provide the group with a plan and programme of activities going forward.

The Rural Challenge Programme was designed by Dublin Rural LEADER to assist local people to come together, examine local issues and plan for the future. This training had a great benefit for the members being set up in an organised manner, and allowing for more people to become involved in their local communities and to counteract social exclusion.


“Along with eleven other men, last October I took part in a course, which was arranged for the Men’s Group of Active Age for All and funded by Dublin Rural LEADER. We were interested in exploring if and how a men’s shed could be set up on the Donabate-Portrane Peninsula.

Previously, we held a number of public meetings in Donabate Portrane Community and Leisure Centre to assess the interest in and for a men’s shed in the area. Based on the attendance and our conversations with those attending, we were satisfied that the idea deserved further consideration.

We decided that a facilitated training course with study visit to established men’s sheds would be appropriate.

The 18-hour course, run over several evening and Saturday morning in October 2017, fulfilled its purpose well. (…) The success of the course can be seen in the progress we made since. Donabate Portrane Men’s Shed is now fully established independent of Active Age for All with our own separate insurance, membership and accounts (…).” Jim O’Donohoe