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Who are TÚS

The TÚS initiative is a community work placement scheme providing work experience opportunities for unemployed people. The work opportunities are to benefit the community and are provided by community and voluntary organisations in both urban and rural areas. The TÚS initiative is managed by Fingal LEADER Partnership for the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, which has overall responsibility for the scheme. Unemployed people who are eligible to participate in the scheme are selected at random and contacted by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

The purpose of TÚS

All the work carried out by participants in the TÚS scheme will be community-based. The types of project eligible for the scheme may include:

  • Environmental services (for example, conservation and maintenance of national walkways)
  • Caring services (for example, childcare, care of older people)
  • General community services (for example, newsletters or information provision for communities)
  • Heritage and cultural services (for example, local heritage project)
  • Para-educational services (for example, community playgroups)

To be eligible to participate in the TÚS scheme you must:

  • Have been continuously unemployed for at least 12 months and “signing on” on a full-time basis; and
  • Have been receiving a jobseeker’s payment (Jobseeker’s Benefit or Jobseeker’s Allowance) from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection for at least 12 months; and
  • Be currently receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Organisations participating in TÚS

TÚS placements have provided to the following organisations, who are our partners in implementing the programme. The funding Department for the TÚS programme is the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

Balbriggan & District Chamber 01-9680080
Balbriggan Allotment Association 085-1750856
Balbriggan Cancer support 086-866746
Balbriggan Community Childcare Group 01-8417104
Balbriggan Community Collage 01-8412388
Balbriggan Cricket Club 085-7107243
Balbriggan Enterprise & Training Centre (BEAT) 01-8020400
Balbriggan Football Club 086-3334434
Balbriggan Meals Ltd 01-8416743
Balbriggan Mens Shed 086-0626819
Balbriggan Rugby Football Club 086-2421880
Fingal Citizens Information Service – Balbriggan 087-2937153
Foróige Balbriggan Youth services 086-7710790
Youth Reach Balbriggan 01-9680600
Alzheimer Society of Ireland 086-7703432
Coláiste GHLÓR Na Mara 01-8416269
Flemington community centre 01-8415070
Glebe North Football 086-3275772
Guide Dogs for the Blind 087-2309495
Society of st vincent De Paul 01-8198407
Balscadden District community council 01-8417819
Bracken Boxing Club 085-7199221
Bracken Educate Together N.S 01-9602010
Casa Charity Shop 01-8020477
Castlelands community centre 01-6905168
Fingal Travellers Organisation 086-0419883
Friend of A,D,H,D 087-6729158
Friend of A,D,H,D 087-1615155
Glebe North A.F.C 087-2589868
Motorcycling Ireland 01-8020480
NCBI Charity shop 087-7652207
O Dwyers GAA Club 086-0530432
St Peter & Pauls JNS 01-8412670
Ardgillan Castle L.T.D 01-8492212
Cairde 01-8020785
Remember Us 086-0457003
Remember Us 086-0457003
Socuting Ireland 087-2388254
98th Scout Group 087-7837117
Allotments Skerries 087-2266922
Church of Ireland 01-8493886
Friend of A,D,H,D 087-9376969
Holmpatrick school 01-8491409
Mourne Estate Residents & Management 086-1992369
Nurture post natal depression Support 01-8430930
Prosper Fingal 01-8490915
Fingal Citizens Information Service – Skerries 087-2937153
Mourne Celtic FC 086-1992369
Skerries Community centre 01-8490888
Skerries Harps GAA Club 086-8177965
Skerries Mills 01-8495208
Skerries Rugby club 087-6186701
Skerries Tidy towns 087-2484051
The Hills Cricket club 086-1992369
Clann Mhuire CLG 087-2345947
Gormanstown& District Anglers Club 086-8750650
North County cricket club 087-7848264
Baldoyle Badminton 01-8393355
Baldoyle Boxing Club 086-3713030
Baldoyle Forum Ltd 01-8395338
Baldoyle United Football Club 01-8082659
Baldoyle Youth Club 086-0635457
Anchor Childcare Centre 01-8399025
Bereavement Counselling 087-2075816
Trackside Lawn Tennis Club 01-8324670
Howth Celtic FC 086-8331170
Mid-Sutton Community Centre 01-8391143
Naomh Barróg GAA Club 01-8306963
Portmarnock Athlectic Football Club 086-3268881
Standardbred Horse Racing Ireland 086-2698399
Beann Eadair CLG 086-3713030
Trinity Gaels GAA Club 087-7623527
Applewood Community Centre 086-8391693
Brackenstown Adult Scene of Education 086-3493186
Fingal Citizens Information Service – Swords 087-2937153
Fingal County Childcare Committee 087-6008575
Fingal Tourism 086-2214178
Fingallians GAA Club 086-8144393
Holywell Community Centre 086-8391693
Irish Cancer Society – Shop 086-0370234
Local Enterprise Office Fingal 01-8900800/087-9884081
National Council For the Blind – Shop 01-8821908
North Dublin Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force 086-2615276
St Colmcilles Church 01-8407277
St Colmcilles GAA Club 087-7869004
St Finians GAA Club 087-9734883
Swords Celtic Football Club 087-1262691
Swords Manor 089-4223548
Swords Tidy Towns 086-6008313
The Emmaus Centre 085-2525256
The Riasc Centre 087-7522403
Aer Lingus Social and Athletic Association 01-4880400
Athletic Union League 01-8472150
Epilepsy Care Foundation 086-2511609
Focus Ireland 087-1458698
Kinsealy Football Club 086-0499184
Malahide Castle & Gardens Ltd 087-7706831
Malahide Cricket Club 087-6375540
Malahide Parish Centre 01-5496611/098-3910966
Malahide Rugby Club 01-8400050/086-2271535
Malahide Yacht Club 086-8595634
Sportslink 01-8621200
St Benedict’s Conference (Society of SVdeP) 086-8066380
Donabate Community College 01-8436726/087-9870963
Donabate Portrane Community Centre 01-8434546
Gaelscoil Ros Eo 086-3040840
Loughshinny Community Association 01-8490930
Lusk community council 087-9813194
Lusk National school 01-8437738
Lusk Scouts 085-7322960
Lusk united football club 087-2041004
Man o war GAA Club 087-2361855
Mill Bank Theatre 01-8437475
Portrane Football Club 083 3347680
Rush Athletic Football club 085-1140496
Rush Community Centre 01-8439349
Rush Cricket club 087-6847833
Rush National School 01-1234567
Rush Sailing Club 086-8232160
Rush Tidy Towns 087-2484051
Sofia Housing 01-8436933
St Ita’s Football Club 087-62724786
St Joseph’s school 01-8437534
St Maurs GAA Club 085-8617587
St Pats GAA 087-2427296

Selection Process

Unemployed people who are eligible for the scheme will be identified and contacted by their Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection local office or Intreo centre and offered the opportunity to participate in the scheme.

If they agree to participate in the TÚS scheme they will be referred to Fingal LEADER Partnership where they will be recruited for a suitable placement when it becomes available.

We do accept a small number of eligible applicants who refer themselves to the programme – contact us directly using the details below.

Participants on TÚS can take up other part-time employment provided it does not interfere with the work and times of the TÚS work placement. If participants are offered full-time alternative work they may terminate their work placement contract.

Under the National Employment Action Plan someone getting Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA) is required to take up work opportunities such as the offer of a TÚS work placement. If they refuse a work opportunity without good reason, they may have their DEASP payment reduced or terminated. If, following a refusal of a placement, someone’s payment is reduced or terminated they may appeal this decision to the Social Welfare Appeals Office within 21 days.

Participants will work for 19 ½ hours a week and the placement lasts 12 months. They receive the same statutory annual leave and public holiday entitlement as other employees. When the placement finishes, they should sign on again with their local DEASP office. They cannot participate in the TÚS scheme again for 3 years.

If you need childcare in order to participate in the TÚS scheme, you may be eligible for the After-School Child Care (ASCC) scheme.

The minimum weekly payment for participants (based on 19.5 hours worked) is €208. With effect from 4th January 2016, the top-up rate has increased to €22.50, with a minimum payment of €210.50.

If the actual Jobseeker’s Allowance (including dependants) you were getting is €188 a week or less, then you will get the minimum TÚS weekly rate of €208 (that is €188 plus €20). If your actual weekly Jobseeker’s Allowance (including dependants) is €188.01 or more, then you will get the equivalent rate plus €20 (there are some exceptions to this).

With effect from 4th January 2016, the top-up rate has increased to €22.50, with a minimum payment of €210.50.

The rules that apply to Jobseeker’s Allowance also apply to the TÚS payment. In order to avoid any possible overpayments, if there is any change in your circumstances, you should inform your Rural Dublin LEADER and your DEASP office. One example of a change in your circumstances would be if your dependant got a job. Their income would be assessed as means and your TÚS payment might be reduced. It cannot be reduced below the minimum rate of €208.

Other payments and TÚS:
If you get a place on a TÚS scheme and your spouse or partner is claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA), Disability Allowance (DA) or Farm Assist in their own right, they can claim an Increase for a Qualified Adult with their JA, DA or Farm Assist. Your income from the TÚS scheme (as a single person) is then assessed as insurable employment against their payment.
Participants will retain any extra benefits and the medical card provided they are still eligible.

The TÚS payment is taxable but the amount payable depends on individual circumstances.

Class A PRSI contributions will be paid for all participants. Those earning more than €352 a week will pay a PRSI contribution.

Participants on the TÚS scheme are exempt from the Universal Social Charge.

The work placements are proposed and provided by community and voluntary organisations. The organisations must provide good quality work opportunities that are of benefit to the community. Organisations with a proposed work placement should register with Rural Dublin LEADER. They will be asked to submit a proposal detailing the work and the number of participants requested. Rural Dublin LEADER will assess and make a decision on the proposal.

This programme is funded by the following:

Our Team

Our team are here to arrange and oversee the work placement, ensuring its as successful as intended for both the host party and the participant who gains from the experience.

  • Ted Nugent
      Ted NugentIT Manager
    • Joe Killeen
        Joe KilleenTÚS Supervisor
      • Orla McMahon
        Orla McMahonTÚS Coordinator
      • Michelle Craig
          Michelle CraigTÚS Supervisor
        • Brian Lawless
            Brian LawlessTÚS Supervisor
          • Deirdre Tyrrell
              Deirdre TyrrellTÚS Supervisor
            • Cathryn Collins
                Cathryn CollinsTÚS Supervisor
              • Jennifer Lawlor
                  Jennifer LawlorTÚS Supervisor

                Interested in becoming a host partner?

                If you would like your organisation to participate in the Tús scheme please download the attached application form and send it to us – details are listed below.

                Contact the TÚS team

                T. 01 807 4282

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