The mission of Fingal LEADER Partnership is to promote local development and social inclusion across County Fingal north of the N2, and in the rest of Rural Dublin.

Achieving this includes supporting individuals and groups to develop skills, resources, and opportunities that help to create equal and inclusive communities. We also work to strengthen the rural economy and promote the preservation of unique landscapes and culture.

We particularly emphasise community-led approaches and encourage people to work collectively to address their needs. We promote co-ordination between communities and statutory agencies, and facilitate network building, community consultation, and the sharing of information.

Our Programmes:

Fingal LEADER Partnership currently run a number of programmes promoting social inclusion, providing supports for enterprise development and employment creation, providing education opportunities reducing climate change and assisting community groups to find local solutions to local problems. The Rural Development Programme, in the entire rural area of county Dublin, Jobs Club in Swords and the Care & Repair and the TÚS programme in North County Fingal.


We fund diverse projects across a range of organisations in rural Dublin


A work placement scheme for the unemployed in communities North of county Fingal


A programme established by Age Action to carry out minor repairs for older and vulnerable people free of charge


The Swords Job Club providing individual supports, a drop in service and workshops to job seekers in the Swords catchment area.


Provide income support for farmers and fisherpersons and to provide certain services of benefit to rural communities.


The aim is to bring people with disabilities in the Fingal area whom are not working, to be ready for the labour market using various supports.

Key VALUES that underpin this work are:

    • Inclusiveness
    • Dedication to empowerment
    • Respect,dignity
    • Achievement & results, dedication
    • Care, compassion, confidentiality
    • Transparency, integrity
    • Respect,dignity
    • Achievement & results, dedication

Areas We Serve

Fingal LEADER Partnership has been set up to promote local development and social inclusion across Fingal north of the N2 (i.e excluding Dublin 15).

LEADER funding is area specific and only applications from within the defined geographical boundary of each Local Action Group (LAG) are accepted.

Where enterprises or projects span two or more LAG areas, the project could be considered for a co-operation project between the LAGs.

Operational Areas

The operational area is based on Electoral divisions. For Dublin Rural LEADER, these are divisions that we can provide assistance to.

Electoral divisions eligible for funding:

  1. Click on one of the three areas listed in the tabs below.
  2. The eligible electoral divisions are listed under each area.

Electoral Division Maps

For more detailed views of the electoral divisions eligible for funding:

  • Click on the map below.

  • You will be brought to a new website – a government website called Pobal
  • It will show you a large map
  • There are a list of filters to the right of the map – called layers. Click on the down arrow and select electoral areas:

  • Enter the name of the electoral area e.g. glencullen, in the search box and click the search icon

  • The map will zoom in on the electoral division in detail.