Fingal LEADER Partnership was formed in 2008 with the amalgamation of Co-operation Fingal and Rural Dublin LEADER Company. In this time Fingal LEADER Partnership has delivered a wide range of European and National programmes such as LEADER, LCDP, TÚS, RSS, FAS LTI Training, Care & Repair, Youth Mental Health Programme, Friends of ADHD Programme, to great success.

Fingal LEADER Partnership is managed by a Board made up of representatives from national social partners, community & voluntary sectors, and statutory sectors. The Board is the overall decision-making body on policy, appointments, and finance.

The Board is responsible for deciding the strategic approach of the company, formulation of policy, and for the implementation of its programmes. The specific powers and duties of the Board are set out in the company’s Constitution.

The Strategic Roles of The Board are to:

    • Maintain a long-term overview of Fingal LEADER Partnership Company Ltd. and its work
    • Make strategic, major, and often difficult decisions about the company’s objectives, policies, and procedures
    • Ensure that the company’s strategic plans are implemented in accordance with the company’s mission statement
    • Ensure that adequate resources (particularly people and funding) are available to implement the strategic plans
    • Guarantee that the expenditure of allocated funds will accord strictly with funding guidelines
    • Regularly monitor the implementation of the company’s strategic plans
    • Adjust the strategic plans in response to changing circumstances
    • Oversee and communicate with the committees, working groups, and associated special project working groups
    • Accept legal responsibility for the company’s strategy


  • Deliver best in class and relevant local development initiatives for our citizens, communities, and stakeholders.
  • Support individuals and groups to develop projects that help build sustainable and inclusive communities, that strengthen the local economy and promote the unique nature of our region.


  • To enhance the quality of life for the citizens and communities we serve


Our Partners